“I have taken on polluters and won. As your Assemblymember, I will fight relentlessly to ensure clean air and water for future generations.”
– Sara Aminzadeh

The effects of climate change are all around us. Drought, extreme wildfires and unhealthy air quality threaten our quality of life.


I’ll bring bold ideas and action and my national track record winning tough environmental battles to Sacramento.  The time is now to protect our air, water, and climate for future generations.


I’ll demand that we accelerate commitments to ending fossil fuel use, and continue working with our communities to secure  the resources needed to effectively respond to a changing climate.


Climate action is what will send me to Sacramento, but as your Assemblymember, I will confront the many critical issues families face in our District such as affordable housing for our essential workers, health care for all, including mental health services, drought, and wildfire preparedness and response.

As your California Coastal Commissioner, I have led efforts to raise awareness of our climate crisis. I am running for Assembly because I believe that the most environmentally conscious Assembly District in the state deserves to be represented in Sacramento by a leader who will take unrelenting, bold action to address the climate crisis as the central focus of our work together.

Our decision-makers should also reflect our community’s diversity and experiences. As a working mom of my three-year old son Henry, I know that the perspectives of working parents are under-represented at decision making tables. 

That’s why I feel so strongly about the need to expand and fund mental health services for adults and young people.  This pandemic has underscored the significant mental health toll that seniors, children and residents of all generations have suffered over the last two years. –These programs must be accessible and widely available for those who need it the most.

Expanding affordable housing options will make it possible for teachers, firefighters, and our essential local workforce to live in the communities we love and help prevent homelessness. Transit oriented development, investing in electric vehicles, e-bikes and e-scooters and safe bike paths, will reduce emissions and address traffic gridlock on Highways 101 and 37.

Drought and wildfire have devastated our region and threaten communities within our District who maintain a unique rural and agricultural way of life. I’ll fight for real investment in effective, long-term wildfire prevention and innovative water supplies such as stormwater capture basins, and recycled water for irrigation and farming 

I will ensure every family has access to affordable healthcare and mental health support to help us all get through these challenging times.

Send me to Sacramento and I will work tirelessly to represent your family. Let’s go!

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  Get to Know Sara  

California Coastal Commission Member since 2017

Proud mom of three-year-old son Henry

Published author and frequent media commentator on clean water, climate effects and coastal preservation

Helped write and advance key environmental legislation on oceans, coastal adaptation, clean water and climate change

20-year nonprofit policy veteran with leadership positions at California Coastkeeper Alliance, US Water Alliance and other organizations


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